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Under the Moonlight

Role: Game Designer

When making Under the Moonlight, I collaborated with my team to develop puzzles and create levels within forty-eight hours. I developed the werewolf transformations, in addition to several levels in the game. Towards the end of the game jam, I helped to scope down the project and cut ideas that we didn't have time to create.


The primary mechanic of the game is the werewolf transformation. Whenever the player is in the moonlight, they are turned into a werewolf. When the player is not in the moonlight, they transform back to a human.


There are two types of moonlight: static and alternating. Static moonlight is always active. Alternating moonlight switches between an active and inactive state. Both are introduced in the first level of the game.


The first three levels introduce a new concept with the transformation. The first level introduces static and alternating moonlight. The second level introduces longer sections of moonlight. The third level introduces how the werewolf interacts with the walls.

The final level uses elements from all the previous levels.


This project was completed in forty-eight hours for the GMTK Game Jam. A game jam is an event where people create a game around a specific theme in a specific amount of time, typically forty-eight to seventy-two hours. For this specific game jam, the theme was "Out of Control", and we had forty-eight hours to create everything and submit the project.

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