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Role: Project Manager

I served as the project manager for this game, so a majority of my time was spent smoothing the production process. Tasks I performed included scoping the project down from start to finish, helping team leads with communication issues, helping team leads handle issues within their team, and being the primary line of communication between the instructors and the team.

The Approach

My design task for Anima was the last puzzle room. With this room being the final puzzle room, I wanted to revisit the various puzzle elements the player had seen in previous rooms. The player starts with a vantage point so they can see the whole room and the room’s first pressure plate.

AnimaLevel (1).PNG
The Water

Stepping on the pressure plates will lower the water level, while stepping off the pressure plates will raise the water level back up. Both the player or the eagle can trigger a pressure plate.

AnimaLevel (2).PNG
The Bird

Having the eagle stand on the large pressure plate lowers the water level, allowing the player to see blocks on the lower level. The player can then move those blocks onto the pressure plates.

AnimaLevel (4).PNG
The Final Plate

Once at the bottom, the player can place the last block on the last pressure plate of the room. Since there is one more pressure plate than water levels, the player can then call the eagle to them without the water rising, allowing them to proceed to the final room.

AnimaLevel (6).PNG

This game was created during my semester abroad in the Netherlands in the second semester of my junior year. The team was made up of 35 people and this was the first time working on a game for the majority of the team. It was also completely remote, with about a third of the team (including myself) being located in the Midwestern United States, creating a seven-hour time difference.

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