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Party Corgis

Role: Game Designer

For Party Corgis, I created the initial design during a game jam. Afterward, I took a class to develop Party Corgis further and hired an artist. After the class, I continued to develop the game alongside my others classes.

The Jam

Right after I graduated high school in 2017, I joined a corgi-themed game jam to create a card game. Through the jam, I created a simple card game that could be played by just about anyone. I used stock images and Adobe Photoshop to create the cards and Microsoft Word to write up the rules.

The Class

After the game jam, I signed up for a Polish & Post Production class during my freshman year to improve the game. During the class, I changed how rounds worked, I added corgi powers, and I hired an artist.

The Progress

After the class, I've continued to work on Party Corgis to improve its design and player experience. I've shown Party Corgis off during the 2018 Student Scholarship Expo at Bradley University and FUSE 2019, an Interactive Media Showcase hosted by Bradley University.


I started making Party Corgis in June 2017. Since then, I've been working to develop it and plan to publish it in some fashion in the future.

If you're interested in getting news and updates about Party Corgis, you can join the email list by clicking the link below.

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