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Saints Row (2022)

Role: Mission Designer

On Saints Row, I oversaw several missions where I was responsible for iteration and fixes. I iterated on set pieces in Be Your Own Boss and Going Overboard. I iterated on several missions both before and after release, including Art Appreciation. I designed two new missions for DLC, The Bowelrun and Return of the Dust King.

In Be Your Own Boss, I improved the escape sequence by adjusting the escape path near the church and adjusting durability of the players vehicle during the escape.

In Going Overboard, I increased the number of idols as the escape goes on and adjusted Kev's speed during the escape to increase difficulty as time passes.


In Art Appreciation, the main issue I resolved was the difficulty caused by the fragile cow prop getting smashed by cops. To address this, I swapped out the original chase with a pony express sequence. Players slow down to avoid the search areas, keeping the cow prop from taking too much damage and failing the objective.


For The Bowel Run, my goal was to create an in-world convoy experience for the player to participate in.

For Return of the Dust King, my primary focus was building on the base game LARP stealth sequence, providing a non-linear stealth area for the player to work their way through before continuing the mission.


Saints Row (2022) is an open-world, action-adventure game developed by Deep Silver Volition and published by Deep Silver. The project was in development for roughly for five years, while I was on the project for fifteen months. All DLC and QoL content was completed over the course of the next twelve months. While I was on the project, the team primarily worked remotely due to COVID-19. Some worked in the office, some worked from home, and others worked in a hybrid solution.

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