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Bad Boiz All Around

Role: Game Designer

During this project, each team member had design input. We all designed the ships that appeared in the game. I worked on implementing and iterating on the mechanical designs of the ships in Unity. I implemented the menus in Unity. I also created the save system for high scores.

Hold C + O + W on your keyboard during the game for a surprise.

The Stats

We decided what kinds of stats we wanted ships to have, then we designed ships to fit different roles. However, not everything made it into the game. For example, enemy ship abilities and the teleporting ship had to be cut from the game.

The Ships

For the ships, I wanted the iteration process to be efficient. As such, many of the stats of the ships are exposed in the inspector. Each ship has the same base abilities, but a unique way of pursuing the player.

The Board

One addition we wanted in the game was a scoreboard. Being an arcade-style game, it was a natural fit to have a scoreboard to provide a goal and competition for players. Scores are saved locally and only the top ten stay on the board.


This game was created during the fall of my sophomore year at Bradley University for the Game Design 1 course. There were three team members and we had from November until December to complete the project. For this project, we were required to create a 2D shooter.

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